A Family Brightened Up Their Grandma’s Funeral With Dozens Of Her Handmade Quilts

One quilt-loving grandmother may be responsible for the most colorful funeral upstate New York has seen in years.

Janet White’s family decided to honor her life and memory by bringing dozens of her handmade quilts to brighten up her funeral service.

Janet passed away two weeks ago, at the age of 84. Her family chose to honor her by draping her quilts over the backs of church pews at her funeral. Janet’s granddaughter, Rachael White, took a photo of the scene and posted it on Reddit.

Imgur/Rachael White

It quickly went viral and inspired more than 1,000 comments. Many of the commenters also wrote about their own memories of their grandmothers.

“Very nice gesture and farewell. I hope y’all use and enjoy those. My great grandmother was also a quilter. One of my most prized/sentimental possessions is a quilt she gave me, the last one she made for all I know. Every time I use it it makes me a little sad, but also weirdly happy that I have something to remember her by and to keep me warm when I need it,” one commenter wrote.

In the post, Rachael described the relationship between the quilts and her memories of her grandmother.

“Her quilts adorn our couches, beds, walls, and are a constant reminder of how much she loved us,” she wrote. “She is my role model and I love and miss her dearly.”

Over the course of her life, Janet made more than 100 quilts. She gifted her unique handiwork to friends, community groups and each one of her six children and 13 grandchildren. She also made quilts in honor of special occasions like graduations and weddings.

“I personally have two that she made me which I treasure dearly and use daily,” Rachael White told Scary Mommy. “It’s an amazing reminder of her love for us.”

Apparently, her grandmother even planned ahead for potential future quilt-worthy events.

“Before she passed, she made four more, one for each of her unmarried grandchildren to be given to us on our wedding day,” she said.

Photo via Imgur/Rachael White
Photo via Imgur/Rachael White

This beloved grandma was more than just a prolific quilter, though. She was also a world traveler, gardener, valedictorian of her class and even ran a dairy farm for 35 years!

“Despite her father’s strong disapproval, she traveled the world for years with my grandfather. They even passed through the Iron Curtain to visit the USSR in the 1960s,” she recalled.

The colorful tribute truly seems like the best possible way to celebrate the life of a beloved woman who brought so much joy to her family members’ lives.