Family shocked to find badger in cat’s bed

What would you do if you looked down and suddenly noticed that your cat was actually a… badger?

Well, this actually happened to someone in Linlithgow, Scotland. Home owners were shocked and no doubt concerned when they noticed that the creature sleeping in their cat’s bed was actually not a cat at allā€”but a wild badger!

The little guy got in through the home’s pet door, and as you can see, he wasted no time in making himself comfortable. I wonder if he was like Goldilocks, wandering through each room of the house and trying out every bed and chair (and bowl of porridge) until he found the one he liked the best.

No word on how the family cat felt about this situation.

While it is rare for wild animals to get into our homes, when it happens, it is not a good idea to try and roust the creature yourself (especially if he is sleeping oh-so-happily in your cat’s bed). Instead, call Animal Control in your community and have them handle the situation.

In fact, a wild badger recently went on a rampage and bit five people in a small town in England. The attacks were described as “unprecedented” and left one person in need of skin grafts.

However, this situation is extremely rare, and was due a person keeping the badger as a pet (not a good idea!) and then releasing it into the community.

Despite the fact that badgers don’t make the best pets, Twitter is loving the story of this sweet and sassy creature who made himself comfortable in the kitty’s bed.

And one Twitter user couldn’t resist this pun:

While others thought the badger deserved a much-needed break:

Hey, badgers enjoy the good life too! Remember a couple of years ago when a badger got into someone’s house and ate all the family’s food, including a Bakewell tart!?

You gotta respect their hustle! They know a delicious pastry when they see it.

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