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Break out the Windex and look for something to fix that bundt cake, because there’s going to be another sequel to “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”

Written by, directed by and starring its original creator, Nia Vardalos, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” is set for a Sept. 8 release.

In this threequel, Toula Portokalos (Vardalos) and her husband Ian Miller (John Corbett) head to Greece with the extended Portokalos family for a family reunion to honor the wishes of Costas “Gus” Portakalos, Toula’s late father.

While the Windex-loving patriarch is no longer with us, Gus’ spirit lives on in the third installment as Toula and her family try to track down some of his old friends.

You can see the whole trailer below.

The original 2002 “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” was produced by Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson and became a surprise hit, becoming the highest-grossing romantic comedy at that time.

A 2016 sequel did well overall at the theater although reviews were mixed. That story followed Toula and Ian’s daughter Paris as she decided where to go to college. It also focused on Gus and Maria, as they needed to remarry after discovering their marriage was invalid.

Back in 2021, Vardalos spoke about how not being able to get COVID-19 insurance was holding up filming the third installment in the series. But in June 2022, she announced filming had begun on location in Greece.

Most of the original and sequel movies’ cast members are back, save the late Michael Constantine, who died in 2021. This includes Elena Kampouris as daughter Paris, Louis Mandylor as Toula’s brother Nick Portokalos, Lainie Kazan as Toula’s mother Maria Portokalos, Andrea Martin as aunt Voula, Gia Carides as cousin Nikki, and Joey Fatone as cousin Angelo. Hanks and Wilson are also returning producers.


Social media commenters and YouTubers seem pretty excited about the Focus Features film. They expressed their love for the original, quoted it, and mentioned their favorite characters.

“My Greek family and I have been waiting for this for like years,” YouTube user centralperk27 said. “We’re gonna fill the theater just as they filled the plane,” referring to a scene in the trailer where the Portokalos family are all on a plane headed to Greece.

Are you excited for a third visit with the Portokalos family?

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