This Family Is Looking For A ‘Harry Potter’ Tutor Who Will Dress Up Like Hogwarts Professors

Bummed that you’re not a witch or wizard? Wish you could whip up some potions or fly through the sky on a broomstick? Well, even though your letter to Hogwarts never arrived, you might still be able to learn a little bit of magic from a Hogwarts-like professor.

A British family is doing just that for their son! They’re searching for a tutor to come to their home to emulate a real-life “Professor Snape” to teach him in “Potions”-inspired science lessons, like the professor taught his class, including Harry, Ron and Hermione in Hogwarts.

The family posted on TutorHouse, a service where you can hire private tutors, and wrote that their son is, “Struggling with his science lessons and we are looking for someone to help him outside of his school, but we want to make it as fun and engaging as possible for him. Toby is a massive Harry Potter fan, so we are looking for someone to create Harry Potter themed lessons for him.”

Or if teaching potions and emulating Professor Snape isn’t your style, the parents suggest that you can also choose Professor Sprout for “Herbology” lessons (biology) or Professor Hooch for “Flying” (physics).

They also ask that the tutor brings props for their teaching lessons, including wands, quills and other wizarding equipment (which the parents will pay for in addition to the hourly salary). “We want someone who … will put 100% effort into the lessons, basically transforming our kitchen into Hogwarts!” the ad reads.

The parents are looking for someone with a least four years of tutoring experience, ideally in teaching science, and they must, of course, be very familiar with all things Harry Potter. And it’s not a bad gig! The chosen tutor will be paid £75 ($98) an hour for tutoring.

Now go dust off your robes, your wands and your cauldrons! It’s time to get teaching.