Family poses for epic dinosaur-themed pregnancy announcement

This is one pregnancy announcement that would make Jeff Goldblum proud.

When Nicole Berkley found out she was expecting her fifth child with husband Daniel, she wanted the reveal to be memorable. After all, this wouldn’t be the first time they announced a pregnancy, so the Texas-based photographer knew she needed to share the news in a big way.

And a big way they did: The family of five decided to dress up in T-rex costumes, with a large egg representing their little one due in April. For the shoot, they hired photographer Susan Garrett, who posted the unique photos to her Facebook and Instagram accounts:

“With this being our fifth child and not our first time announcing a pregnancy, I just really felt kinda past the cutesy, generic pregnancy announcement photos that everyone does nowadays,” Berkley told POPSUGAR. “It’s so exciting to share that you’re expecting a new little one with friends and family, but I just thought to myself ‘This is not our first rodeo, I want these to be really epic and unique because this could very well be our last baby.'”

And epic it was. Just take a look at some of the photos:

But why a dinosaur theme? Berkley explained to POPSUGAR that the “quirky and down-to-earth” family is a big fan of the 2018 movie “Jurassic World,” so throwing on some T-rex costumed “seemed so fitting,” she said.

Her husband and children weren’t thrilled with Berkley’s idea at first, but eventually got on board. “I knew eventually they’d come around, and they did in the best way,” the mom of four told POPSUGAR. “When my kids saw the costumes inflated, they thought it was the funniest thing and were totally on board at that point.” The family even worked a little bit of dinosaur magic for a photo of a very real looking T-rex chasing the four Berkley kiddos through a field of grass. It’s really quite hilarious when you see it in action.

Thank Chris Pratt that Berkley’s family came around, because now we have another clever pregnancy reveal to add to the list of announcement ideas.


What has been your favorite pregnancy announcement on the internet?