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Celine Dion Handles Fan Who Jumped Onstage In Sweetest Way Possible

Security was waiting to take the fan away but Dion had other plans!

Being a famous entertainer definitely comes with its own on-the-job hazards. For example, you may have to deal with unruly fans. Celine Dion recently dealt with this problem when an apparently intoxicated woman decided to come on stage during one of her concerts in Las Vegas.

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Celebrity Chooses Compassion To Handle Fan

Typically, anyone who rushes the stage at a concert get swiftly carried away by security. But Dion decided to handle her unexpected guest with a little more class.

The singer kept her composure and even took some time to talk to the woman. That’s a pretty kind response, especially when you see the size of the security guards waiting eagerly to escort the fan away!

“I’m glad you came up on stage tonight,” the singer tells the overeager fan. “I’m glad that you wanted to come closer to me.”

You don’t see that every day.

Fan Gets Physical, But Singer Stays In Control

Eventually, the female fan got a little physical with Dion. She grabbed Dion into a big embrace and then gyrated on her pelvis. At this point, security saw enough. One of the singer’s security officers goes to pull the woman away. However, Dion insists all is ok.

“Olivier, you can leave her here but stay with her because she’ll need you,” she told her worried security guard.

Eventually, Dion helped to escort the woman off the stage. She thanked her security detail, though.

“You did what you were supposed to do,” she said thankfully. “I appreciate it every much.”

Check out video of the whole incident below, captured by another person at the concert on Jan. 5.

Not Just A Crazed Fan

The video is a bit amusing and maybe a little scary. And, many may think the fan is a bit crazy. However, there is more to the story than just a crazed fan rushing the stage.

The person who posted the clip to YouTube explained the context of the encounter in his description:

“During last night’s Celine Dion show in Las Vegas, Celine brought a woman on stage, not knowing the woman was drunk and had some issues: her son just had a bone marrow transplant and she wanted to tell everyone to be a donor.”

The user praised Dion for her compassionate response, writing, “THIS is why Celine Dion is an absolutely angel. She sees the best in people and wants to help wherever and whoever she can.”

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Dion Keeps Sense Of Humor During Show Interruption

In the video, Dion embraces the woman and even waves her security detail off, telling the woman she will help her. She makes sure that the woman exits the stage safely, and then takes the opportunity to lay down in exhaustion, which results in laughter and cheers from the crowd.

Before launching into her next number, Dion acknowledged the incident and talked to the crowd.

“Some people go through a lot. And some people need to talk. And I want to say thank you to all of you, because maybe for five minutes, we had given this lady a moment to talk.”

She then checked to make sure the woman is OK.

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Despite the interruption, the show went on apparently without another hitch. That’s a true professional!

Dion has performed at Caesars Palace in residency for a number of years and is a popular draw for audiences. And, she is known for her compassion for others’ needs.

Back in October 2017,  the singing superstar offered her condolences to victims of the Vegas shooting. She also donated proceeds for her shows to the attack victims and their families.

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