This fancy McDonald’s is actually a 150-year-old colonial mansion

When you think of McDonald’s, you probably think of its famous golden arches. Well, they’re nowhere to be found at this very fancy McDonald’s location in Freeport, Maine. That’s because this particular fast-food restaurant was built inside a 150-year old mansion. Check out this shot from Instagram of the stately home turned Mickey D’s. This Instagram user calls it the “classiest McDonald’s ever” (and we can’t say we disagree!).

The classiest McDonalds ever!🍔🍟

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Not only does this McDonald’s look impressive, but it has a storied history. It was originally the first historic Gore House, built by William Gore, a prominent Freeport merchant, in 1850. McDonald’s assumed control of the property back in 1984. While McDonald’s was careful to preserve the building’s history, they did make some upgrades. A drive-thru was even added in 2000. Take a look at the interior, which definitely has that classic New England vibe. As you can see in the photo below, there’s even a fireplace, and this Instagrammer can’t believe it’s a McDonald’s!

McDonald’s, yes McDonald’s #mcdonalds #freeportmaine

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While it may not look like your typical McDonald’s, the menu is pretty much business as usual. You can get all your favorites like Big Macs, McFlurries and fries. There is one special addition, though: You can chow down on a lobster roll for $8.99. This Instagrammer ordered it and says it “actually was pretty delicious.”

This is what’s on the menu at any McDonald’s in Maine! I couldn’t resist getting it and it actually was pretty delicious!

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Turns out the Freeport, Maine, location isn’t the only super-classy McDonald’s out there. Known as the Denton House, the McDonald’s in New Hyde Park, Long Island, is housed inside a historic Georgian mansion. Here’s a shot of the beautiful exterior, complete with a glassed-in veranda. The Instagram user who shared this photo says preservationists had to fight to prevent the home from being leveled.

If mansions aren’t your thing, there are all kinds of unique McDonald’s locations around the world. In Taupo, New Zealand, kids can climb into a real airplane that is built into a Mickey D’s. This Instagrammer calls it “The greatest McDonald’s of them all!”

In Yangshuo, China, McDonald’s sits right on the water, and diners can eat in a pagoda.

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In Chicago, you can visit the Rock n Roll McDonald’s, which has McDonald’s memorabilia, as well as tons of rock and roll and pop culture artifacts, mainly focusing on Elvis. This location can hold up to 300 people, which is about three times the standard seating capacity for a McDonald’s restaurant.

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