Husband Poses For Sexy ‘Boudoir’ Photo Shoot On The Farm

Masika May

Dudeoir. This silly-sounding portmanteau comes from “dude” and “boudoir,” aka dudes in boudoir photography shoots. And we are happy to report that it’s now a thing in the world of photography. Hey, if women can get all dolled up in their underwear to take glamorous photos, why shouldn’t men enjoy the very same privilege?

One of the most popular dudeoir shoots of all time is from Masika May, whose photos of Canadian farmer Patrick Barry have gone viral. She told DesignTaxi she “basically just followed him around while he was doing his daily chores, but made him pose in underwear while doing so.” The result?

Pure masculinity (plus a horse).

Masika May

Barry wanted the photos to give to his wife after he saw another successful pinup-style shoot May had done with a male client. Barry told the Huffington Post: “It’s something I would never think of doing, but I thought, ‘Sure, why not?’”

And thank God he did, as its given many, many people lots of joy. Masika’s Facebook album of Barry’s shoot is massively popular, with a mind-boggling 181,000 shares.


Masika May Photography

While lots of people find dudeoir hilarious (and rightfully so), it’s about more than just making people giggle when they see a guy with a beer belly posed in a seductive manner. Barry’s wife, Amanda, is enamored with the photos and told Huffington Post, “I think it’s important that everybody just realizes that [positive] body image is how you feel, not how you look.”

Barry was photographed on his farm in Duncan, British Columbia. And it wasn’t a temperate day to be scantily-clad, either. May writes of the shot below, “I made him pour a bucket of water over his head 3 times before I was happy with what I got…..I should mention it was only 8 degrees outside while we were doing this.”

Now that’s commitment! 

Masika May

If you’re into photos of burly dudes in their underwear (and hey, why shouldn’t you be?) head on over to the Dudeoir Facebook page and give them a like and follow.

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