Fashion designer Betsey Johnson is renting out her Mexican villa on Airbnb


Get your Airbnb booking finger ready, fashion fans, because you can now stay in Betsey Johnson’s truly amazing villa in Mexico. The iconic designer’s four-bedroom pad in Zihuatanejo (just northwest of Acapulco, on Mexico’s Pacific Coast) is a tropical paradise that’s sure to make any vacation fantastic.

Johnson is well-known for her whimsical, embellished clothing designs and killer personal style, complete with rotating rainbow hair colors. She’s been in the fashion industry for decades, first designing her own line in 1978. Today, Johnson is still going strong.

Of course, the villa is just as cool and colorful as Johnson’s clothing line—and Johnson herself. The designer’s home, dubbed “BetseyVilla,” features photographs of Johnson as decor in almost every room, complete with bohemian accents like hanging chairs and printed fabrics.

As the lodging description says, “The visual imagery is a blend of a life of luxury, sipping champagne in the sun in a fabulous pool overlooking the richness of small rural Mexico.”


The house also features a pool, outdoor kitchen, outdoor shower, home gym and other killer amenities. There is private beach access as well.


This isn’t your typical Airbnb experience either—Johnson’s villa is more like a hotel, offering a curated experience that can include onsite meal preparation,  coordination of visiting chefs from around the world for private dinner parties, in-house yoga instruction, in-house spa treatments, fishing, horseback riding, surf lessons/trips, snorkeling and diving, yacht charters and more. The house also comes with access to an ATV and a four-wheeler.


At $618 a night with a three-night minimum stay, we would expect no less! If you don’t want to spring for a full Mexican mansion, the listing does mention that there is an option to book single rooms, like the lush one above. Every room in the house features a luxury Sonos wireless speaker system.

There’s actually quite a lot of availability in the villa in the next few months, so head on over and book if you’re interested in the Betsey Johnson experience a la Mexico!

[h/t: Travel + Leisure]

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