This Gown Collection Inspired By Disney Princesses Is Absolutely Breathtaking

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a real-life Disney princess in your adult life, you might just be one step closer to that dream becoming a reality.

Chicago-based fashion designer Michael Anthony has created a mini collection inspired by some the most iconic Disney princesses and the designs couldn’t be more beautiful.

Anthony used the princesses’ attire as inspiration, then made modern, sophisticated modifications to turn these looks from costume-like into gowns that you wouldn’t consider anything less than couture.

Using materials ranging from laces and fur to satin and sheer fabrics, this mini collection is an ode to style celebrating some of our favorite timeless princesses.

The one exception out of all of the designs he’s created that looks almost identical to that of the original is the iconic yellow and gold ball gown worn by Belle in “Beauty and the Beast.”

It’s spot on, down to the littlest details, like the delicate straps that drape over the shoulders.

“Disney is what I grew up with and Disney Princesses were my first fashion icons, ” Anthony told Seventeen magazine.

He went on to say his favorite of all the princesses has alway been Cinderella.

“Growing up, my favorite scene was when her Fairy Godmother transformed her torn dress into the gorgeous gown,” he said.

We think he has captured that gorgeous gown perfectly.

Here are a few of our other favorites from his collection that have been posted to his Instagram account:

We adore this chic and uber-modern take on Merida.

And this incredibly fashion-forward Elsa-inspired frock.

We are definitely on board with Princess Leia joining the ranks of Disney’s iconic princesses.

No collection would be complete without the first Disney princess, Snow White.

While there isn’t word yet on whether any of these designs are actually going to be produced, Anthony told Seventeen that the Disney princess-inspired mini collection has already received an amazing response. We can certainly see why!

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