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14 Fashion Styling Hacks That Every Woman Needs To Know

As any busy woman could tell you, it’s very easy to get stuck in a fashion rut. However, there are plenty of fashionable styling hacks out there that will help you upgrade your wardrobe into something sensational.

Don’t let your busy schedule get the best of you. Find your way back to fashion by learning how to make your clothing work for you. Here are 14 easy fashion hacks that will help you transform your look and upgrade your style.

1. Know When To Wash

Keep your wardrobe looking and smelling fresh by knowing exactly when to watch your apparel. Here’s Esquire’s cheat sheet on when to wash your favorite clothing.


2. Matching Colors

Here’s a comprehensive guide from on how to match the colors of your clothing are properly.

Paris Wardrobe Color guide

3. Matching Prints

Don’t be intimidated by separate prints and clothing textures. The History In High Heels blog has found the perfect way to match your favorite prints.


4. Reusing Old Sweaters

Buying boot lines is so passé. Create your own out of old sweaters!


5. Belt Accordingly

Create the perfect waist-cinching belt by following’s easy guide below.


6. Find Your Golden Ratio

Finding the perfect length can be tricky for women of any height. has taken out all of the guess work by following the “golden ratio.”


golden ratio
The Australian

7. Conceal Your Bra Straps

Keep your pesky bra straps from popping out by sewing in a small clip to keep them concealed.


8. Choose The Right Necklace

Make your outfit look effortless by knowing how to pair any necklace with your favorite top. Style blogger, Imogen Lamport has created an easy style guide for which necklace lengths pair well with different necklines.


9. How To Achieve The Perfect Roll

Achieve the perfected rolled-sleeve by following J-Crew’s guide. It’s simple, easy, and will leave you looking flawless.


10. Understanding Different Skirts

Not all skirts are created equal. Know the difference between an A-Line and a Circle skirt by checking out the chart below from


11. Contemplating Collars

Wings, shawls, and turtlenecks, oh my! Keep all of those different collar types straight by reviewing the chart below from


12. Higher Knowledge

Not all heels are a stiletto, ladies. Keep your shoe knowledge in check by knowing the difference between a kitten heel and a mule.


13. Patchwork

If you’re noticing a few unwanted holes in your clothing, patch them up using an eye-catching material. has a completely chic way to upgrade your wardrobe without spending a dime.


14. Layering Appropriately

Take the lumps out of layering by placing a tank top over your bottom layer. This way buttons and crease won’t show through on your outer layer, according to


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