Fat unicorn cakes are almost too cute to eat

fat unicorn cake

Whether you’re young or just young at heart, this cake trend is surely one that will be popping up at birthday parties everywhere. No matter your age, these fat unicorn cakes are too cute not to love, and they’re so adorable that you might even hesitate to dig in.

OK, so what is a fat unicorn cake, exactly? Well, they’re cakes that feature an additional fondant unicorn as a decoration. But this isn’t any old unicorn—it’s one that happened to take a bite of the cake before you and your party guests ever had the chance. This unicorn has a belly full of sugar and is exhausted—and we can all relate to that feeling.

While we’re not entirely sure how to feel about the name of this trend—why not just call them “hungry unicorn cakes”?—we do agree their cuteness level is through the roof.

These quirky cakes have been popping up on Instagram, thanks to the talented bakers behind accounts such as crazysweets.de and chocofrutasbylissy.

Get a load of the cuteness:




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These cakes and all of their magic may be tricky to recreate if you’re not a master baker, but the good news is there are plenty of unicorn-inspired sweets where these came from. There’s everything from unicorn cupcakes to rainbow-colored dip that you can have on-hand at your next fairy tale-worthy party.

If you’re feeling fancy, how about a beautiful unicorn macaron? We spotted these on Instagram in a photo shared by Mac Lab Bakery & Cafe. But you could also whip up a batch of French macarons at home, and then decorate them yourself.


And these unicorn horn-topped cupcakes are sure to make any get-together so much better. You can find the full tutorial for how to bring these creations to life on the Juniper Cakery Blog.

Juniper Cakery

Protect your precious unicorn treats by using this dad’s genius method for blowing out birthday candles:

And this sweet-tasting cheesecake dip is sure to be a hit among crowds. Blogger Chocolate-Covered Katie has the full details for how to mix cream cheese, sugar, food coloring and a few other ingredients to get one mystical treat.


Chocolate-Covered Katie

It’s not just sweets that are unicorn-themed these days. Check out this pretty unicorn cocktail. It’s made with Captain Morgan LocoNut, coconut water, grenadine and Genuine Curacao. Yum!

Captain Morgan

Ready to fill your tummy with unicorn treats? Desserts this good are hard to say no to for people and unicorns alike! So, join the club—have a bite of cake (or four) and then lie down for a nap. That seems to be the thing to do, after all.


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