This Note Found In A Fourth Grade Class Goes Viral For Its Pro-Female Message

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If you’ve ever been caught passing notes in a classroom setting, I bet you’re wishing your note had said this. Because seriously, getting caught passing a cool message like this is worth whatever punishment for “not paying attention” you may have coming your way.

A fourth grade teacher reportedly found this note the floor of her classroom, and her friend posted a photo of the note online. It’s since gained quite a bit of attention because of its pro-female message.

The note read, “Do you want to join a club for female empowerment. [sic] We are the leaders.” To which we can only imagine the immediate response to this question was “YES.”

There are clearly some fierce females in this fourth grade classroom, and that couldn’t be better news for the future of our world. The earlier a “boys and girls are equal” attitude can be ingrained, the better.

Twitter user Elly shared the photo and, since then, it has gotten over 54,000 retweets and 170,000 favorites as of the time of this writing. The note came from her friend who teaches at an elementary school in northeastern Maryland and was exchanged between two classmates named Maya and Seeley.

After the post got so much attention, Elly gave a little more context to the note. You’ll probably be happy to know that the club is coming to fruition.

“Update: My friend has asked me to help form and co-sponsor the club, which has the full backing of the school,” Elly wrote on Twitter. “She talked to the note’s author and found that she wants to start the club because boys had been telling her girls can’t do what boys can.”

Knowing that this note was a response to a little boy telling a little girl she couldn’t do the same things boys could do makes this even more awesome.

Even Hillary Clinton took notice of this little girl’s statement.

In an interview with a local TV station, one of the two girls noted that Clinton is her “role model” and she was excited that the former Presidential candidate had seen her note.

To this teacher, to the woman starting the club, to the school backing the club and, most of all, to this little girl, I say, “Brava!”

Here’s hoping movements like this maintain their momentum long after International Women’s Day has passed. Because every day should be about equality.

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