The company that makes Nutella and Ferrero Rocher is hiring product tasters

Calling all dessert lovers! If you’re a fan of Nutella or other deliciousness made by Ferrero SpA — we’ve got the perfect career for you. According to a job posting listed on the Open Job Metis website, the Italian confectioner is hiring taste testers that will play a key role in making its products even better.

The job description, which was translated from Italian by Euronews, states that the company will bring on “60 sensory judges for tasting activities of confectionary products.”

So, you basically get paid to eat sweets.

The Role

According to Euronews, ideal candidates are those “who would like to learn how to taste cocoa, hazelnut powder and other semi-finished sweet products.”

Who doesn’t that describe?

nutella photo
Getty Images | Timothy Hiatt

Those applicants selected to move to the next round will attend a three-month training course to get their tastebuds up for the challenge. It sounds like the best job training ever.

From there, the company will make its final selections and all those hired will work for four hours a week out of the company’s Alba, Italy-based headquarters. According to Italian Insider, the role would only require two days a week on-site.

So it’s probably not going to make you rich, but I could think of worse part-time gigs.

What You’d Be Tasting

In addition to Nutella, Ferrero is responsible for making a variety of chocolates, including Ferrero Rocher and even Tic Tacs. So, be prepared to sample plenty of hazelnut, cocoa, white chocolate, almond and more.

ferrero rocher photo
Getty Images | Neilson Barnard

It’s unclear whether you need to be an Italian or European citizen to apply for this position, but there’s never been a better reason to pick up and move overseas.

So, who’s ready to dust off the old resume and apply to eat delicious sweets in Italy?