Fidget Spinners Are The Latest Toy Craze—And Here’s Why Some Teachers And Parents Hate Them

Here's how fidget spinners went from a tool for kids with ADHD to a toy that's driving some adults crazy.

Have you heard of fidget spinners? If you’re a parent, the answer’s probably yes. Fidget spinners are the latest toy fad to sweep the nation.

While fidget-spinners are relatively inexpensive unlike many of our children’s most-wanted toys, there is a slight issue: They are driving parents and teachers crazy.

Although the toys are basic in design and execution (you simply twirl the three-pronged toy in your hand or on a flat surface), parents and teachers say that the trend is getting out of hand.

Some teachers have gone so far as to ban them from their classroom, while parents have found that they have to limit their kids’ fidget-spinner use in order to keep their own sanity.

Here is the little bugger in action: