‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Fever Is Back! Watch The New Film Trailer And Read An Excerpt From The New Book

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In case we all haven’t had enough of the bestselling “Fifty Shades of Grey” saga, E.L. James just announced that a new book is coming soon to a bookshelf (or e-reader) near you: “Fifty Shades Darker from Christian’s Point of View.” It is guesstimated that it will be released sometime in 2017.

How was the announcement about the new book made?


Yep, James wrote about it on her Facebook page on September 10, which happened to be main character Anastasia Steele’s 27th birthday.

As you probably know if you’re a fan of the Fifty Shades series, the first three books, “Fifty Shades of Grey,” “Fifty Shades Darker” and “Fifty Shades Freed,” were all told from Anastasia’s POV. And, in case you’re curious, the first book, Fifty Shades of Grey, has sold over 100 million copies worldwide.

This isn’t the first book told from Christian’s POV, however. In 2015, “Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian,” was released, as a fresh take—from Christian’s perspective—on the first book. It also happened to sell over one million copies in a week, and has over 13,000 Amazon reviews to date.

So that means “Fifty Shades Darker from Christian’s Point of View” will be his take on book two.

“I know you’re anxiously awaiting the trailer, and that’s happening… soon,” James wrote. “In the meantime, in honour of Ana’s birthday, there’s this.”

Then, she posted a two-page excerpt to accompany her post. It begins with Grey waiting for Anastasia:

“I sit. Waiting. My heart is thumping. It’s 5:36 and I stare through the tinted glass of my Audi at the front door of her building. I know I’m early, but I’ve been looking forward to this moment all day.”

Once again, James has lured us in with suspense and intrigue.

If you’re like us: What will happen next?

You can read the excerpt here.

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After that, you can watch the just-released trailer for the second Fifty Shades film, “Fifty Shades Darker,” which comes out on Valentine’s Day 2017: