Filmmaker Accidentally Captures Beautiful Wedding Photo With His Drone

You may want to hire Brandon Li to photograph your next big event after seeing an accidental photo taken from his drone.

The travel filmmaker was attempting to catch the sunset in Hong King with his drone. When the battery started to die, he brought the camera down a little lower to capture the sunset from a different angle. In doing so he captured something else: newlyweds in a beautiful moment.

“A friend and I were testing out a DJI Phantom 3 in the Wan Chai/Causeway bay area of Hong Kong, mostly trying to catch the sunset,” Li told PetaPixel. “But the battery was almost dead so we pointed the camera down to catch another angle and let the drone return to home.”

On the roof of one of the building below was a newlywed couple, lying on grass with their arms outstretched. When Li pointed the camera down he never expected to capture such a beautiful and unexpected image. This is a shot we’re all sure to see on Instagram under #WeddingGoals or even on Pinterest boards for couples to re-create on their special day.

It wasn’t until Li was reviewing the images that he noticed what he had captured completely by accident.

“I have no idea who they are, but I assume they were practicing a pose for a wedding photograph or something,” Li said. “Or maybe they were just making lawn angels.”

After finding this special shot, Li posted it to Facebook and Instagram in hopes of finding the couple. We would love to know the story behind this image, too. If you look in the top right-hand corner of the image, you can see someone else is on the roof as well. He or she seems to be lying on a couch or chair, potentially sunbathing or looking at a phone.

What a lovely accident!