Find the empty mug among the full cups of hot cocoa in this puzzle

Find the empty hot cocoa mug puzzle
Facebook/Gergely Dudás

Here’s a holiday-themed seek-and-find that will keep you guessing. Can you find the empty mug in this puzzle? It sounds easier than it is: Every mug of hot cocoa, coffee or tea is filled with cinnamon sticks, marshmallows, candy canes or something similar, so it will be hard to locate the one empty mug in the illustration.

The puzzle is from master seek-and-find illustrator Gergely Dudás, who is known as The Dudolf, and many of the puzzles he shares have seasonal themes. For example, he’s drawn a find the panda among the snowmen puzzle and a sheep among the Santas. He also recently took a fan request to draw a puzzle that lets you literally find the needle in the haystack.

He shared his latest wintery creation — which will probably make you want your own mug of hot cocoa — on his Facebook page:

Did you spot the empty mug?

When you think you have the solution, you can check your answer on his website to see if you’re correct.

If the animals in this Dudás illustration look familiar, that is because they are his original characters from the “Fox & Rabbit” series, written by Beth Ferry and illustrated by Dudás. These books follow the adventures of two best friends (Fox and Rabbit, of course) and their animal friends Sparrow, Owl, Flamingo and others. These warm-hearted, hilarious books are just right for any elementary school kids on your Christmas shopping list. Find “Fox & Rabbit,” “Fox & Rabbit Make Believe,” and “Fox & Rabbit Celebrate” on Amazon or at your local bookseller.

Dudás also has a Christmas-themed seek-and-find book that would make a great stocking stuffer for kids who love visual puzzles. “Bear’s Merry Book of Hidden Things: Christmas Seek-and-Find” is just right for kids ages 4-8, and it’s a merry way to kill time during your holiday travels or while eagerly waiting for Santa to arrive.


The Hungarian illustrator became a viral sensation when he started posting his unique and tender-hearted pictures online.

“I loved to draw when I was a child, but I didn’t really do it until I was 20,” the illustrator tells Simplemost in an exclusive interview. “Then I started drawing again as a hobby while I was at university, and after that I started my Facebook page to upload my drawings.”

As to whether there will be more “Fox & Rabbit” books in the future, Dudás tells Simplemost he hopes for more.

“There are no plans at the moment but I really hope that there will be many more!”

As do we.

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