Find the hidden sheep among the Santa Clauses in this holiday-themed puzzle


We just can’t get enough of these internet seek-and-find puzzles and neither can you, it seems!

Artist and puzzle creator Dudolf keeps throwing new challenges on his social media sites and website and we can’t resist playing along. We’ve searched for a mouse among squirrels, pinned down the location of pandas in a field of snowmen, and went scavenging for a nose for a jack-o-lantern who was missing his during Halloween.

Despite the busy holiday season, Dudolf isn’t letting up with his puzzle creations. This time, he has an army of Santas to help him hide a poor lost little sheep.

We kind of felt like the Santa in the bottom-right corner of the picture who has his hands up in the air. Trying to find a cuddly sheep in a sea of white beards is almost like finding a needle in a haystack. And then, of course, the top of all the fuzzy Santa hats look pretty similar to a tail.

Let us give you a little advice. This puzzle is tough. You may have an image in your head of what to expect when looking for the sheep, and it may take a few hours and a lot of concentration. This little lamb does a fabulous job camouflaging itself among the snowy white beards.

As usual, Dudolf, an artist also known as Gergely Dudás, offers the solution to the puzzle if you can’t solve it. And, don’t feel bad if you need a little extra assistance. Many people on Facebook had trouble finding the sheep. Some even claim to have found a cat stowing away among Jolly Ol’ St. Nick.

What do you think of this Dudolf holiday brain teaser? What puzzle should he try next?

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