Find the penguin holding a mug of hot cocoa in this puzzle

Dudolf's penguin holding hot cocoa puzzle

Puzzle master Gergely Dudás has the knack for giving the world the perfect puzzle at the right time. People all over the U.S. are dealing with lots of snow, ice and cold these days, and a winter scene with a tempting mug of hot cocoa hidden among a field of playful penguins is the perfect indoor activity to distract us.

Dudás’ puzzles have become a social media staple as fans can’t get enough of finding the hidden image in his adorable illustrations. The illustrator is clearly a fan of winter scenes, as we’ve featured some of his other seasonal hand-drawn puzzles including one where you have to find the panda among the snowmen, and the hidden sheep among a crowd of Santas.

But, this creation from Dudás (who also goes by The Dudolf) has us craving a creamy cup of hot cocoa. Take a look at this adorable scene he posted to Facebook. Can you find the mug of hot chocolate tucked away while the penguins are at play?

We’re not sure which of these penguins are our favorites. The penguins taking a polar plunge seem to be living their best lives. But, there’s also something about the penguins wearing knit hats and scarves that captures our hearts, too.

Did you find the one holding a mug?

Need a hint? Dudás shared the solution to this puzzle on his website.

This isn’t the time Dudás has hidden hot chocolate in a puzzle. Back in December, he drew two of his iconic cartoon characters, Fox and Rabbit, stars of his book series, surrounded by mugs of hot chocolate. Did you do that puzzle? The task was to find the empty mug of cocoa.

If you love these hidden image puzzles and want more, then we have some recommendations for you.

Dudás has his own website where he posts a new puzzle regularly, along with the solution if you get stuck and can’t find the hidden item of the day. Don’t worry, we all need a little extra help sometimes!

You can also check out his Facebook page, where he posts tons of his puzzle drawings. The most recent puzzle on his Facebook account challenges fans to find four cats among a ton of tigers.

Finally, the artist also has a collection of puzzle books, including “Bear’s Springtime Book of Hidden Things (A Search and Find Adventure)”. The description claims the book is for kids, but we think anyone would have a great time searching for spring things among fields of flowers and animals. It gives us something to dream about during these long winter months. Plus, they are just fun!

So, warm up a cup of your favorite hot chocolate and see if you can find the hidden mug in the puzzle of the day.

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