Finland Is Giving Away Free Summer Vacations


Itching to go on vacation this summer but your bank account says otherwise? Well, maybe you still can!

In a bid to improve tourism to its country, Visit Finland is offering free trips through a program called “Rent A Finn.” The Scandinavian nation has been rated as the happiest country in the world for two years running, according to the Nations World Happiness Report. In order to pay it forward, Visit Finland will make it possible for a few lucky visitors to travel to the country for free and get paired up with a Finnish “happiness guide.” Travelers will live in the Finns’ homes during their stay and hopefully learn what makes them such a joyful people.

The Finns say the key to their high rates of happiness lies in their deep connection to nature. “Our secret is in our nature, very literally,” reads the Rent A Finn site. “When others go to therapy, Finns put on a pair of rubber boots and head to the woods.”

Here’s an example of the stunning natural beauty to be found there, as pictured in this snap of the Northern Lights posted to Visit Finland’s Instagram page:

To apply for a chance to participate in the program, all you have to do is film a short video in which you tell a bit about yourself, your connection to nature and why you want to visit Finland. Then, fill out a form and submit it online with your video.

Visit Finland will then pick winners from the submission to be paired with each of the program’s eight hosts. Winners will travel to Finland for three days this summer, though exact dates will depend upon the host. You can learn more about each of the hosts here. All travel and accommodation expenses for the trip are completely paid for, and you will be filmed during your visit.

The Finns say they’re all about balance. Wondering if yours needs a bit of tweaking? If so, check out this online test that aims to assess your overall health and wellbeing. Then, consider trying for Visit Finland’s amazing opportunity!


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