Fireball French Toast Is Sure To Spice Up Your Mornings

Forget coffee — this recipe is sure to give you the morning kick you need! Fireball French Toast is here to completely change the way you think about breakfast and get your butt in gear in the mornings.

Whether you’re recovering from a night of drinking or just don’t consider yourself a morning person, this is the breakfast or brunch you’ve been waiting for.

Thanks to an unlikely recipe source,, this french toast is far from average. Sure, we’ve all heard of adding cinnamon for an extra bit of warm, spicy flavor, but this recipe takes that concept to a whole new level. It requires soaking thick, challah bread in a mixture made up of the usual suspects — half and half, milk and eggs — with Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. Oh yeah!

fireball whiskey
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Once each side is perfectly toasted, it’s time to slather these slices in butter, douse them in syrup and dig in. Feel free to pair with even more booze. Mimosa, anyone?

You can follow along with the recipe in this step-by-step tutorial from’s YouTube channel:

Fireball French toast is bound to be a crowd-pleasing recipe, so if you’re hosting any holiday brunches this season, consider your menu sorted.

And if you’re looking for even more ways to combine Fireball and crowds (you know, to make things more enjoyable for everyone!), you need to check out these cocktail recipes for your holiday festivities, too.

For example, adding Fireball to your sangria recipe will make the season a little extra bright. This recipe from Mantitlement shows how you can combine champagne, apple cider and Fireball whisky to create a sparkling Fireball apple sangria that would pair well with that French toast or be good served all on its own in a giant (and we mean giant!) punch bowl:


You can also get some Fireball action going on your dessert table, too. This recipe for Fireball fudge from Wine and Glue only requires four ingredients — and yes, Fireball is one of ’em. One batch makes 25 pieces, so you’ll be able to easily make up enough to give everyone in attendance a taste. Serving this as dessert is a great way to make sure your party goes out with a bang!

Wine and Glue

From brunch to dessert, these Fireball recipes are sure to spice up your usual routine this season. Because you know what they say — the more Fireball, the merrier!

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