Fireball-infused green gummy bears are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day

On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish, and it’s fun to celebrate our Irish heritage (whether ancestral or adopted) with some yummy treats.

While family-friendly treats are fabulous, we all know many grownups like to enjoy some boozy creations on March 17. Maybe it includes a bit of Bailey’s Irish Cream, or perhaps a few green shots to toast the holiday.

Now, a maker at Etsy has taken the idea of green shots to the next level: green gummy bears infused with Fireball whiskey! Talk about the luck of the Irish to find this treasure at the end of the rainbow.


The St. Patty’s Day Original Fireball Whiskey Gummy Bears are sold by Etsy seller VineGelee, a shop that lists “spirits infused gelee” and confections among its specialties. VineGelee sells other varieties of alcohol-infused confections as well, including champagne and rosé gummy bears and pale ale bears.

But these little green gummies just may be the envy of all the others. Why just drink regular shots of whiskey when you can pop these sweet and spicy treats? Plus, not only are they green for St. Patrick’s Day, but they have a bit of sparkle to liven up the party, courtesy of edible glitter.

These St. Patty’s Day Original Fireball Whiskey Gummy Bears are handmade with four basic ingredients: cane sugar, gelatin, edible glitter and Fireball Whisky.

The green Fireball gummy bears seem to be a St. Patrick’s Day take on the seller’s Original Fire Bears, which is a “candy form of the popular Fire Ball drink,” according to the description. The fire bears are made with cinnamon whiskey and edible red glitter.


You can choose from three different size packages of the St. Patty’s Day Fireball Whiskey Gummy Bears. There’s the 4-ounce bag for $11.16, an 8-ounce bundle for $17.16, and a full pound of green gummy bear goodness goes for $31.16.

No matter which size you choose, these gummy bears are sure to be the life of your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Just make sure to keep them from the kids by making them their own special shamrock gummy candies of their own to enjoy.