Heroic Firefighter Catches Child Thrown From Burning Building

A terrified mother had to face an unthinkable nightmare on Jan. 3 when her apartment building suddenly went up in flames. Thanks to the heroism of the DeKalb County Fire Rescue, who were quickly on the scene at the Avondale Forest Apartments, her family is still alive.

A fire engulfed the entire apartment building, and there was no way out for those trapped on the upper floors. Firefighters erected ladders and tried to reach the mother and child on the third-floor of the building.

But as the apartment continued to blaze, the mother had to make an jaw-dropping choice — so she threw her five-year-old from the burning building to be caught safely in the arms of a firefighter below.

You can watch the video here:

Waiting below, Capt. Scott Stroup wasted no time in panic. Staying clam, he caught the five-year-old in his arms.

The brave firefighter didn’t pause for a second. Once the child was in his arms, he turned and ran quickly from the blazing building, even though he was weighed down by heavy gear, a firesuit and a child.

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Wow. What an incredible act of heroism and bravery.

Nor is Capt. Scott Stroup a stranger to such heroism. He is a third-generation DeKalb County Fire Rescue firefighter, so no doubt he is well-versed in the sacrifice and the superhuman strength that firefighters exhibit everyday.

Nor was he the only hero on hand that day. The firefighters rescued 12 people who were trapped in the burning apartment building, including eight children.

A baby as young as one-month-old was tossed out the window and into the arms of the fearless firefighters, and a wheelchair-bound elderly woman was rescued from the blaze by the quick-thinking heroes as well. No one died in the fire, but all 12 victims were taken to the hospital for assistance, primarily for smoke inhalation.

Capt. Eric Jackson has this to say about the awful blaze: “We were catching babies like a football. Literally.”

Now that’s a real Super Bowl.

[H/t: People]