Firefighter saves dog by performing CPR

Dogs are a man’s best friend, but in this case, man returned the favor. This dog wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for California firefighter Andrew Klein.

You see, Marley, an adorable little dog, was rescued from a burning apartment building in Santa Monica by Klein. But by the time Klein got the pup outside, Marley wasn’t breathing or moving at all.

Klein immediately got him an oxygen mask, but that didn’t seem to be helping.

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But, did the firefighter give up? No! He did what any true dog lover would do—he performed CPR. An onlooker took photos of the action, so you can watch Klein’s heroic deed unfold for yourself. As you might imagine—he comes out looking like quite the hero.

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His CPR efforts reportedly lasted for about 20 minutes when, finally, little Marley starts to breathe again. Marley’s owner was by Klein’s side the entire time, and couldn’t seem more relieved to see her puppy up and moving around again.

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Aside from seeming a little disoriented, Marley appears to be completely fine once awoken, and it’s all thanks to Klein and his love for animals.

To show their eternal gratitude, Marley and his owner stopped by the fire department to pay Klein a visit. Marley’s doing well, and that is definitely thanks to the Community Emergency Rescue Response Team in Santa Monica.

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If your dog is ever in need of CPR (meaning they’re not breathing and do not have a pulse), it’s important to know the right procedure before performing CPR, as doing it wrong could cause more injury to your pet.

This video demonstrates how to perform CPR on an animal, and you can find more information online, including a step-by-step tutorial from Canine Journal.

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Knowing CPR could save your dog’s life someday, as Klein expertly demonstrated. It never hurts to be prepared!