Firm Up Frumpy Sofa Cushions With This Trick

Do you have old sofa cushions that are falling a bit flat? No need to toss them out. Instead, use a trick from TODAY Tastemaker Francesco Bilotto, who can help you spruce up those couch cushions. All you’ll need is one standard or queen-sized bed pillow per couch cushion—nothing else.

The trick is to add a bed pillow into each cushion to give it more fluff. You zip the pillow inside the cover, and it will instantly make your sofa cushions look more firm and plump. You can even do this with sofa cushions that are sewed shut—it will just require a bit more effort to open the seams, then re-sew them shut.

Today/Francesco Bilotto

Save money and try this with your old sofa, as there’s no need to buy a new couch when you have this DIY option. Check out for more details and a step-by-step guide on how to firm up your own sofa cushions.


Photo by sota-k