This First-Aid Blanket Has CPR Instructions Printed On It

Even if you’ve taken a first-aid class or learned CPR in school, it can be hard to remember exactly what to do when you’re in a real emergency. That’s why a few designers at Zhejiang University created a First-Aid Blanket that contains instructions printed right on the blanket.

In case you’re in a panic, you can look at the blanket for a step-to-step guide for administering CPR or checking a pulse. It even includes a place to put the victim. This makes the delivery of first aid by non-trained rescuers more of a possibility.

The blankets are intended for places where drowning is a risk, and according to the researchers, about 60 percent of drowning could be prevented with timely first aid.

Currently, the blanket is just a concept, but the team at Zhejiang University received a Red Dot Award in 2014 for their design, which means we could be seeing some of these handy blankets in the future.

[h/t: Mental Floss]