You Have To See These First- And Last-Day-Of-School Photos


We all have some vague memory of mom making us pose for the obligatory first-day-of-school photo on the front porch. It was embarrassing and annoying, but also a rite of passage—a must-do on the bucket list of childhood (or perhaps parenthood).

Then you grew up and instead of keeping your vow to never do things the way your mother did, you cave, and there you are snapping photos of your own children on the front steps: clothes pressed, backpack on, cute sign in hand.

“Okay, kids. Time to smile.” And, then queue the tears, the eye rolls, sometimes the flatulence—your kids don’t want to pose for this picture any more than you did. But tough, it’s what we parents do.

And, boy are we glad these parents stuck it out—committing to the very end to take that photo year after year. We seriously can’t stop smiling at this great collection of first- and last-day-of-school photos shared on Guff.

The Classic

The sign is as classic as this kid’s white socks.


The Sweet Daddy-Daughter Moment

We are as impressed with this dad’s commitment to posing as much as we are with his commitment to wearing his mobile device on his belt.

Patrick Gilbert


Anyone else surprised he was able to find that printed short in teenage boy size? That’s commitment.

Bored Panda

The Doctor

This little girl has “big, bright future” written all over her.


The Hot Rod

Why mess with perfection? When this family finds something (car or pose) that works, they stick with it.



Getting one kid to look at the camera and smile is tough, but two? These parents deserve a medal for the cute smiles.

Bored Panda

Hot Mama

Sure the boy is sweet, but the mom. Wow! Did she get younger?

Bored Panda

Year After Year

If you have a child in kindergarten, start this now. While, we’re pretty sure the third-grade boy wasn’t too pleased with this yearly photo shoot, we’re guessing all involved are getting a kick out of this line up now.



Head Of The Class

Someone looks like an A+ student from beginning to end.


Time Flies

This picture is Photoshop perfection. Excuse us, while we save this photo and copy this idea.


[h/t: Guff]