The First Budweiser Clydesdale Foal Of The Year Was Born—And She’s Too Cute

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Here’s a reason to raise a beer: The first Budweiser Clydesdale foal of 2019 was just born. Her name is Carly, and she is gorgeous, of course.

Carly and her mom live in Missouri at Warm Springs Ranch, Budweiser’s breeding and training facility for its signature Clydesdales. She’s a lucky girl — the ranch looks like horse heaven, complete with rambling pastures, immaculate red barns and lots of playmates.

The best part? Warm Springs Ranch posted an introductory video of Carly on their Facebook page. So, we can all go “Awwww!” over this adorable girl:

She’s already romping! And she looks just like her mommy! She is too sweet.

The ranch also posted about the new foal on Instagram, writing, “World, meet Carly.”

Carly’s arrival signals the start of a busy year of foaling for the farm.

“Each year we welcome up to two dozen foals, and we’re looking forward to teaching our guests how these majestic animals are bred, raised and cared for,” Mark Boese, the ranch’s herd manager, told St. Louis station KSDK, which shared a sweet photo of the newly born foal on Instagram.

“Say hello to Carly,” the caption alongside the image reads, as seen below. “She is the first foal born this year at the #budweiserclydesdales breeding and training facility.”

Carly won’t be one of Bud’s beer-hauling Clydesdales that tour the nation. Those horses are all geldings — males who’ve been fixed — and must also meet specific standards for their coloring and size. In addition to touring the nation, the horses often appear in Budweiser’s famed and highly anticipated Super Bowl commercials every year.

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For those who want to meet the new foal, we have some great news. You can soon visit Carly and her whole Clydesdale crew at Warm Springs Ranch. The Boonville, Missouri, farm hosts tours six days a week, beginning on March 23, as it confirmed with the Instagram video below.


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Race on over to 🐴 We’re less than 18 days away from our March 23rd opening! #followthehitch

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I don’t know about you, but I’m itching to nuzzle that nose. Welcome to the world, Carly!

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