Fishermen Make An Unbelievable Rescue Of A Deer Swimming Six Miles From Shore

A bunch of men fishing the Long Island Sound waters between Connecticut and New York made an unbelievable catch recently.

Rob Kurdy and some friends were returning from shark fishing when they noticed a strange fish swimming in the water about six miles from shore. They soon realized it was a deer not a fish, and that it was struggling.

“You could see it shivering. It’s barely staying afloat,” Kurdy said. “It’s kind of just going in circles.” The water was an estimated 58 degrees.

The men tossed a rope around the deer’s antler and secured him next to the boat in order to transport him back to shore. The boat couldn’t get too close to shore, so Kurdy put on a lifejacket and swam the deer in the rest of the way. Once on shore, local residents brought out blankets to help warm the deer, who lied there for about three hours before warming up enough to stand and eventually go off on his own.

Is this an incredible story or what?