This Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Turkey Recipe Will Spice Up Your Thanksgiving

Reynolds Kitchen

Looking for a way to break from tradition this Thanksgiving? A trendy turkey recipe should do just the trick.

It combines everyone’s favorite orange-dusted junk food with everyone’s favorite main holiday dish. This Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and turkey mash-up is super easy to create in your own kitchen, so get ready to spice things up on Thanksgiving!

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You have the cookware company Reynolds to thank for bringing this recipe into your life. It advises adding the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to a food processor to help you get just the right consistency. After spreading a little butter on the turkey, you’ll then take the Cheetos crumbs and completely coat it.

Reynolds Kitchen

Cover the turkey with a Reynolds oven bag, place it in a baking dish and let the cooking process begin. Once your turkey is cooked through, you’ll reveal the most Instagram-worthy turkey to ever exist and Thanksgiving dinner is served!

Reynolds Kitchen

You can check out the full recipe on the Reynolds website.

We like turkey and we like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, but the combination is getting some mixed reviews on Twitter.

Some people would love to see this bright-orange bird on their table come Thanksgiving:

Others don’t like the idea of ruining perfectly good Cheetos and perfectly good turkey by combining the two:

If you asked some people on Twitter if they’d like to try this dish, it’s a solid “no:”

If Flamin’ Hot Cheetos don’t appeal to you, Reynolds also has Doritos and Funyuns versions of their turkey recipe, too. (Simply scroll down below the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos recipe.)

However, people on Twitter don’t seem to be too crazy about those ideas, either:

Who knows, maybe chips and turkey aren’t meant to be combined? But hey, we’re certainly not here to judge. This is so wacky, it may just work.

There are plenty of other Cheetos-covered recipes online. If turkey isn’t your thing, you could also use your Flamin’ Hot Cheetos for mozzarella sticks, marshmallow treats or a spicy margarita:

To cover everything in Cheetos or not to cover everything in Cheetos—that is the question.

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