Flight attendant saves couple’s honeymoon by retrieving passport


A flight attendant’s job is to help passengers during their time together on the plane. However, one flight attendant took his responsibility far beyond the cabin doors when he discovered a couple’s honeymoon might be ruined.

Shortly after takeoff on a February flight from Detroit to San Juan, Puerto Rico, Delta Air Lines flight attendant Dusty Dills saw one of his passengers crying. Lawryn Fellwock and her new husband, Joe, were on their way to Puerto Rico to board their honeymoon cruise. However, the new bride realized on the plane that she had forgotten her passport. Without it, she would not be able to get on the ship.

Dills knew he had to do something to help this couple save their honeymoon trip. He said he would figure out how to get that passport into the bride’s hands.

The amazing story was first shared on Delta’s official Facebook page and quickly went viral.

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“It’s so easy to go throughout the day and do what’s expected of you at work, but (I always try to ask myself) ‘what can I do to make that difference in someone’s life?’” Dills told Delta for a press release.

The plan sounds like the plot of a movie. Dills rallied a group of people, including the newlyweds’ family and his co-workers, to create a passport pony express meets air mail solution.

Dills connected with in-flight service and airport customer service employees to coordinate with Joe’s sister-in-law to bring the passport to the airport. After Dusty picked up the passport back in Detroit later that day, he took it to Atlanta, where another flight attendant would take it with him on a flight to San Juan. That’s when it would be delivered to the ecstatic couple so they could take their honeymoon cruise.

“The whole experience was surreal,” Lawryn told Delta. “Joe and I were desperate to find a way to save our honeymoon, and right when we thought we were out of options, Dusty offers his personal time to help us out. We were so touched and grateful — a renewed faith in humanity was the best wedding gift. We owe our post-wedding bliss to Dusty and the Delta family!”

Dills doesn’t take sole credit for this couple’s happiness. In a video shared by Delta on its website, he gives credit to the team of co-workers who helped make this happen.

“This was so much larger than me,” he said. “[…] It was a huge moment of learning the importance of utilizing the gifts and talents and abilities of other people to see that something’s done.”

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