Flight Prices Are Set To Drop To The Lowest In 7 Years This Summer

Hoping to travel sometime soon? The time might be now. According to the flight prediction site, Hopper, flight prices will drop to the lowest in seven years this summer, making it a good time to book that vacation you always dreamed about. According to the site, flight prices have decreased 12% from last year and over 20% from two years ago.

Hopper predicts that prices will rise from the spring until June, where prices will peak and continue to fall for the remainder of the year.

Researchers from the site looked at over a trillion flight prices to come up with the data. The information they found shows that these low prices are likely a result of the cost of jet fuel currently, which is being traded at prices that haven’t existed since 2004.

So with all these travel bargains out there, it might be a time to finally purchase that dream flight.

Need some ideas of where to go? Hopper predicts that flights to Miami, Philadelphia, Houston, Orlando, and Anchorage will drop by at least 20% in the next few months.

If you’re hoping to leave the country, you might want to consider going to Brazil, as flights to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are expected to drop by about 30%.