Flip-flop socks are a must for flip-flop lovers

Blue knitted flip-flop socks
Etsy/ KnitKnotSpace

In spring and fall, it can be hard to let go of your favorite footwear. Do those cozy socks that got you through the winter really have to go in the drawer in springtime? And those favorite flip flops are so hard to put away in fall!

There’s a genius solution to this seasonal conundrum: The flip-flop sock is perfect for those who aren’t quite ready to stop wearing socks or flip flops.

Available all over Etsy, flip-flop socks are knitted and designed specifically for wearing with flip-flops, no toe included.

These comfy socks are also perfect for those into yoga, those who like wearing socks without slipping around, those perhaps getting a pedicure who want to keep the rest of their feet warm while their toenails are being painted — the reasons as to why you’d wear them are endless!

These no-toe, no-heel socks by KnitKnotSpace are great for skating, yoga, roller skating, pilates and other uses, according to the Etsy page. Starting at $34.64, these handmade socks are made with acrylic and wool and knitted to hit your ankle, though they have options that go higher up the leg as well.

These colorful socks ($41.71) would make for a fun gift, plus you can get a pair of matching gloves!

Esty/ KnitKnotSpace

This seller has multiple yarn options. How pretty is this multicolor sock for $36.64?

Colorful flip-flop yoga socks

KnitKnotSpace also has longer options that reach knee-high length, acting as a yoga leg warmers. These sell for $49.32.

Yoga legwarmers tall flip-flop socks knitted

And, really, can you ever go wrong with rainbow anything? These rainbow mid-calf flip-flop socks are listed for $41.71.


Those looking to keep their heels warm might love the flip-flop spa socks from Etsy shop KnitsAndNaturals. Made with a separate hole for the big toe, these socks cover the heel, and thanks to that toe loop, won’t ride up your foot, so you’ll get a snug fit.

Sounds great already, right? But one of the best reasons to check out the spa socks at KnitsAndNaturals is the fine materials this Etsy shop is using in their products. For example, some of their socks are knitted with cashmere and extra-fine merino wool. These pretty pink and turquoise spa socks are made from silk and extra-fine merino. So soft! They’re all $24.

Spa socks/flip-flop socks in pink and turqouise

These socks can also be made wool-free.

According to the seller’s Etsy page, the spa socks take about a week to be hand-knit and can be custom made depending on what color or design specifications you desire. For example, if you want yoga socks instead of pedicure socks, the maker will knit you a pair of socks without heels.


What are your thoughts on this sock trend?

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