These UFO-Inspired Floating Houses Could Soon Be A Real Thing

Talk about living off the grid!

If there was one place you would expect to see a UFO, it would probably be in the sky. Although there has yet to be a legitimate UFO spotting, it turns out you may actually see some start popping up in the ocean—well, sort of.

Jet Capsule, an Italian company that makes miniature yachts, has come up with a design for a fully sustainable floating home in the shape of a UFO, (Unidentified Floating Object, in this case) and this new type of structure would be able to exist completely off-grid floating in the middle of the ocean.

Jet Capsule

The geniuses behind this idea are Pierpaolo Lazzarini and Luca Solla, co-founders of Jet Capsule. The floating houses are essentially unsinkable houseboats made of two interlocking fiberglass domes with a 41-foot deck around them.

The UFO houses would run primarily on solar power, but they would be able to generate wind or water power as well. To provide freshwater to inhabitants, the structures would have the capability to collect rainwater and desalinate seawater.

In addition to the first floor, the UFO would also have an underwater lower level. The large panoramic windows would provide sweeping views of the surrounding ocean. The outdoor space could be used as a garden, porch or sundeck.

These UFO houses would also be able to move around using water jet propellers, although they would not be designed to go very fast, moving at a snail-like speed of 3.5 knots. When they weren’t moving, an anchor would keep the floating homes in place.

Jet Capsule

If these floating houses sound cool to you, don’t get too excited just yet. They currently aren’t available, but the designers are seeking investors to help fund the building of their first prototype. The creators estimate the building cost of these UFOs would be around $200,000 once in production, which could make them even cheaper than many houses on land!

What do you think—would you ever live in a floating house?