This Floating Picnic Table From Sam’s Club Will Totally Enhance Your Summer

Sam's Club

Summer is finally here, and if you have plans to head to the lake, you might want to check out this genius product: a floating picnic table.

Along with some pretty epic floats that fit a whole group of people, this floating picnic table is sure to liven up all your beach parties this summer. Not only does it fit four to five people and hold up to 600 pounds, but because it goes right in the water, it means your whole crew doesn’t have to get out and dry off just to grab a bite to eat.

Sam's Club

The table also comes with cupholders and eye hooks for attaching a cooler, so you can bring your lunch with you, but don’t have to eat it right away. This epic floating picnic table is sold at Sam’s Club — but it doesn’t come cheap. It will set you back almost $600.

Sam's Club

And while it’s not available at Sam’s, we have to note that a light-up buffet cooler float might make your picnic even more festive. Just make sure to bring something for your trash, as you don’t want that to end up in the lake.

Sam's Club

Weighing in at 65 pounds, it can easily be moved to your favorite spot on the beach before putting it in the water. You can also hook it up to a boat to make sure you don’t float too far from shore.

Sam's Club

The table costs $598, including shipping. If that’s out of your price range, let’s go back to those other amazing floats Sam’s Club also sells.

Sam's Club

For $170, you’ll find swan, flamingo and speedboat floats that have built-in inflatable bench seats, coolers and eight cupholders, so you can make sure you and your friends have your favorite drinks while you float around the lake.

Sams Club

Sam’s Club also sells another amazing creation for adults only — a floating beer pong table. The Floatation IQ Hydrapong table is built out of durable foam and has slots for 10 cups on each end and four ping-pong balls. An even better deal than the floats, the table is only $57.98.

Sam's Club

Looking for even more pool and lake accessories? You’ll find tons of other floats for sale as well, including ones from Hidden Valley for ranch dressing lovers and Taco Bell hot sauce packet floats for those who like their summers spicy.

Hidden Valley

Will you be purchasing any pool floats, tables or games this summer?

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