This Dog Groomer Gave A Life-Saving Makeover To An Abandoned Dog

Not all heroes wield a gun or badge; sometimes all you need is some grooming shears to save a life!

That was the case for Florida groomer Kari Falla who helped save an abandoned Golden-doodle mix dubbed “Lucky,” from hair that was so long and severely matted that he couldn’t move his tail or go to the bathroom.

Falla received a call late one night to her company, BGE Grooming. A pair of good samaritans found the deaf and partially blind dog on a roadside after he was nearly hit by a car. After taking him off the road, they dropped him off at animal services. But Lucky appeared to be in pain due to his hair mats and was in need of a lifesaving makeover.

“I offered my salon services for free immediately and told them to meet me at my salon right away. I changed out of my pajamas and headed over to my salon and began prepping for the dog’s emergency visit,” she said.

According to Falla, when a dog’s hair is matted that badly, it can cause bruising to the animal and potentially stop its blood flow.

Lucky’s fur mats were described as “soaking wet, infested with fleas, full of yeast infection and attached like a mummified cast.”

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the groomer had to carry the mistreated dog into the store because he couldn’t walk.

However, despite likely being scared, Lucky behaved like the good dog that he is during the three-hour grooming session, which included multiple baths to get rid of the “horrendous” smell on his fur.

He “was perfect for his grooming sessions with me,” Falla told ABC News. “It was like he knew we were helping him. He came in depressed and walked out wagging his tail!”

After a visit to the vet’s office, Lucky is now on the road to recovery. He will hopefully find his forever home soon. But, for now, he spends his days happily with a foster family.

What a “lucky” dog, indeed!