Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard And Wife Are Expecting Their First Child

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Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and his wife, Hayley, announced last week that they’re expecting their first child—with their new little bundle to make his or her big debut in December.

“There’s a lot of excitement—it’s something we’ve looked forward to for a while,” Tyler told PEOPLE in an exclusive interview.

Hayley said she started to suspect she was pregnant after the couple returned from a trip to California and she found herself unable to sleep.

Her suspicions were confirmed with a pregnancy test the next morning. So excited, she said she didn’t didn’t even have time to think of a clever way to surprise Tyler, so she just jumped back into bed and showed him the positive pregnancy stick.

The cute couple announced the news on their Instagram accounts, with Hayley sharing a photo of cute cookies with the line “…guess what?”


Tyler shared photos of them holding their positive pregnancy test with the following caption:

We’ve had such a hard time not telling everybody for the last few months because we are SO excited…. WE ARE PREGNANT. Holy cow we’re going to be parents. God is so good and we can’t wait for this next chapter of our life. #lilhubbard


And a few days later, the couple shared the news that they are expecting a boy! See the sweet gender-reveal photo Hayley shared with the caption “We’ve never been this excited in our lives!!!!!! IT’S A BOY 💙I can’t even wait to have a little Tyler running around.”


When asked what the couple is most looking forward to as they’re soon about to become first-time parents, Tyler answered with this:

“There’s a lot that we’re going to get to learn. Hayley and I both really love learning and growing as people. For us, it’s the next phase and the next stage of life that God can really teach us a lot and show us patience … and selflessness.”

He adds, “To be honest, our world, at this point in our life, it revolves around what we want it to revolve around — our wants and our needs and our desires, what we have going on in our schedule … and all that’s about to change.”

Tyler also said that raising a family is going to be fun. While he knows it’s going to be challenging, he and Hayley are also excited.

“There’s all kinds of emotions on both ends of the spectrum from excitement to [nervousness]. But the excitement definitely [outweighs] the nerves.” They sound like normal expectant first-time parents to us!

Hey, maybe the cute couple will start an Instagram account for the new little bundle, as the family dog is already well established on the social media platform, with nearly 40,000 followers.


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Congrats to this sweet couple—and their pooch, Harley, who’ll have a sibling before too long.


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