Florida teen made a matching prom dress for her Dachshund

Finding a date for prom doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you just bring your best friend. If your bestie happens to be your dog, well then, so be it. At least, that’s what one Florida teen thought when she dressed up her dachshund in a matching prom dress.

Brenda Sierra actually did have a human prom date, but that didn’t stop her from wanting to include her dog in the festivities. She used extra fabric that had been cut from her dress when she got it hemmed to create a miniature, matching version for her dog, Sasha.

All it took was a little bit of fabric, some hot glue and lots and lots of try-on sessions to bring the look to life. But, apparently, Sasha was a very good girl through all of it.


“I had to keep taking it on and off of her,” Sierra told Buzzfeed. “She was really obedient.”

Sierra wasn’t allowed to bring Sasha to prom with her, but she was still able to include the pooch in the photos, and, boy oh boy, did those turn out great!

Even Sierra’s prom date, Rodney Sesler, was a good sport about having a furry friend in their photos. “I requested photos alone with [Sasha],” Sesler told BuzzFeed. So, yeah, it’s safe to say the two bonded!

Sasha definitely wasn’t minding the attention, either. “The day of prom she was very happy wearing the dress and was okay with being passed around by everyone,” Sierra told People.


But, it goes beyond that. Sasha is loving the internet fame, too. I mean, what dog wouldn’t?

Now that this pup single-handedly won prom, what’s next? It seems that an adorable graduation ceremony could be in Sasha’s future.

“A lot of the comments I’ve received [online] include ‘you have to bring her to your graduation’ so I’m currently trying to make her a cap and gown to match mine!”

Little Sasha is having quite the year!


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