Florida woman finds wedding ring in brush pile after Hurricane Ian


Ashley Garner thought she’d never see her wedding ring again after losing it days before Hurricane Ian landed in Florida.

She told the Associated Press that she, her husband and their three children searched the yard and garage for two days, but to no avail.

“I just accepted that it was gone,” Garner told the Associated Press. “It was only a thing. It’s replaceable, and I just let it go. We knew the hurricane was coming, so we just kind of said goodbye.”

The family, who decided to wait out the storm at their home, began cleaning up once it passed.

About 10 minutes into cleaning, Garner said her husband spotted the ring beside the garage on a brush pile.

Garner told the news outlet that she couldn’t believe they found the ring.

Although her neighborhood didn’t experience destructive flooding, Garner said significant winds hit their area.

“I just sat on the curb, and I prayed to God and thanked him for providing and giving us a sign that there’s hope for the community,” Garner told the news outlet.

By Sarah Rogers, Scripps National

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