Flower Eyeliner Is Perfect For Spring—Here’s How To Get The Look

While rose-colored hair is super trendy at the moment, makeup certainly isn’t taking a backseat. The latest popular eyeliner look is just as fun as your new pastel hairdo, so you’re going to want to give it a try, too! Floral eyeliner is perfect for spring, so get inspired to recreate the look for yourself.

There’s nothing more festive than decorating your cat eye with adorable flower accents, and doing this yourself is actually easier than you might think.

Utensils such as fine-tipped liner brushes and dotting tools make it easy to treat your face as a canvas as you effortlessly paint springtime flowers across your lid.


These photos will definitely inspire your flower creations:

For instance, you could paint tiny sunflowers:


Or even adorable little roses:


You could also mix in all kinds of flowers and make a garden all your own:


You could even color-coordinate with your outfit. This all-over pink look would go great with your pastel hair and wardrobe, for example:


Thankfully, there are plenty of video tutorials to guide you through the process of doing this for yourself online.


1. Daisies

This tutorial will show you how to use multi-colored eyeliner to create flowers that look like daisies. The finished look is precious!

2. Nail Stickers

If you’re not confident in your eyeliner abilities, then this is the hack for you! You can use nail stickers instead of using liner to paint the flowers by hand. Pretty genius, huh?

3. Flowers, Four Ways

From roses to dandelions, this YouTuber shows you how to do it all. She even teaches you that it’s OK to mess up — this process is supposed to be fun!

4. Cut Crease

If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even create a cut crease instead of a liner look. So, you’ll have more space to make the roses bigger and have some very bold glam going on.

5. Simple For Spring

This uses green eyeliner as a base instead of black, making your liner look like a stem for your flowers. How cute!


The tools that make these looks possible often have fine tips, so you’ll want to gravitate towards products like these:

These NYX liners are great because not only do they allow you to effortlessly glide the product onto your lid, but they also come in a variety of colors — perfect for making a makeup bouquet.


Dotting tools that are typically used for nail designs can be used to make little petals for your liner look.

Sally Beauty

A double-ended liner brush will help give you a flawless winged liner and create flower petals, so you’ll definitely need something like this in your makeup bag before setting out to try this yourself.


As far as fun eyeliner goes, this is just the beginning. If you’re interested in exploring your makeup skills, you’ll want to start practicing this candy cane liner so you’ll have it down by the time the holiday season rolls around!