A fluffy dog named Chunky Monkey stole everyone’s hearts at this year’s Puppy Bowl

Tom Brady may have won his seventh Super Bowl by leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. But, the top dog of the day was a 15-week-old pup named Chunky Monkey who was the paws-down fluffiest of fluffs during the annual Animal Planet Puppy Bowl.

The 2021 Puppy Bowl was the 17th annual event where Animal Planet brings together dozens of dogs from animal shelters to compete in a friendly game of “football” to help raise awareness of animal adoption. According to the press release from Discovery/Animal Planet, 100% of the puppies featured on the previous 16 Puppy Bowls have been adopted, and the goal is to go 17 for 17 with this year’s event.

All of the puppies are adorable, but the moment Chunky Monkey took to the field before the game, the fluff was too much.

“Can you handle this fluff?” Animal Planet asked its Twitter followers.

Clearly, few people could handle the Chunky Monkey’s cuteness factor.

One Twitter follower, @GeeechGator, fell in love at first sight and would go to extremes for this beautiful furry baby.

What breed is this floof? Chunky Monkey had a variety of descriptions during the Puppy Bowl. In her pre-game photoshoot and press packet (these pups get the full star-athlete treatment), Chunky Monkey was described as a chow chow/Irish red-and-white setter mixed breed. However, in her on-field introduction, she was listed as a chow chow/Maltese mix. Honestly, does it even matter, though. She’s just fluffy mutt perfection.

As part of Team Fluff, Chunky Monkey seemed to enjoy her place on the sidelines more than getting in on a lot of the play action. This earned her the title of the Puppy Bowl’s Most Valuable Napper.

Nap Advocate is a job most of us would love to have, and Chunky Monkey is leading the way, according to new Chunky Monkey Twitter fan, writer Heidi N. Moore.

Chunky Monkey hails from Virginia, where her family adopted her from Green Dogs Unleashed. Her family shared a tweet of Chunky Monkey — her real name is Ellie — watching the Puppy Bowl on Sunday. (The Puppy Bowl is pre-recorded.)

Ellie/Chunky Monkey’s adopted mom, Cassandra Asekhauno, said their four-legged star is truly more fluff than anything.

“Underneath all that fluff she’s really not that big,” she told Loudoun Now, adding that she expects the dog to grow to 40 pounds.

We love every bit of her fluff and personality and it looks like Chunky Monkey was the real MFP — Most Fluffy Player — of the day.