Folding Napkins For Christmas Dinner Is Easier Than You Think

Setting a picture-perfect holiday table is no easy feat. Things that appear simple, such as folding the napkins and arranging the silverware, are actually quite intricate and require a little patience and lots of know-how. However, home economics classes are a thing of the past, and most of us did not learn how to master table-setting skills when we were growing up.

No worries. We have a crash course for you right here.

As you can see from the handy video below, there are many creative and cool ways to fold napkins for your holiday table. In just a matter of seconds, you can easily fold cloth napkins into a variety of seasonal shapes, like these pretty little Christmas trees:


I know what you are thinking: “Um, yeah, that is cute and all..but I am not wasting hours folding napkins when I have a million other things to do for Christmas.” But, I promise you: It’s totally simple, even for someone who is all thumbs when it comes to this kind of thing.

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Here’s another clever idea. Why not fold your cloth napkins into a elegant, quirky little elf shoe? No, really. Check it out:

YouTube, Grant Thompson

How cool is that? Kids will love this fancy napkin-folding, as will any kids at heart. (And aren’t we all kids at heart during the holiday season?)

If you aren’t up for anything that intricate, a simple Santa Hat fold is another crowd-pleaser and easy as ho, ho ho:

YouTube, 11vny

Here is the tutorial:

Are you using paper napkins for your holiday feast? Don’t worry. You can still get in on this fun trend. Check out this seasonal design made with a paper napkin and a few sparkly accessories:

YouTube, Home & Kitchen

Check out the video for easy-to-follow instructions. (This would be a fun craft to do with the kids over that long holiday break!)

Here’s to napkins that are as merry and joyful as Santa Claus himself!