Folding A Napkin Into A Christmas Tree Is Easier Than You Think—Here’s How To Do It

Impress your holiday guests!

Once your holiday menu is set, it’s time to plan the finishing touches — because Christmas day will be here before you know it. If you’re hosting a big family dinner this year, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the table set to impress your guests, and folding your napkins to look like Christmas trees is sure to do just that.

Regardless of whether you’re using cloth or paper napkins, you can add a festive flair to each and every place setting by following along with this tutorial from Easy Peasy Creative, which teaches you how to fold a napkin into a Christmas tree through step-by-step instructions.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to be some kind of origami expert to bring these adorable little trees to life. In fact, it’s actually much easier than you’d imagine!

Essentially, here’s what you’ll do:

Step 1: You start by folding your napkin into a square shape if you’re working with a rectangle.

Step 2: From there, you take the end with the loose edges and fold them up one-by-one.

Step 3: Using your hand to make sure the folds stay in place, you’ll turn the napkin over so that the side with no folds is facing up.

Step 4: You’ll fold in the edges so that your napkin is shaped like a diamond or a kite. Then, flip upside down and turn it over once more so that the side you began working with is facing up.

Step 5: Take each flap and fold it upwards, tucking each section under the one above it.

It starts to sound a little confusing with all of the flips and turns, but when you watch it play out, you see how simple it really is:

In just five easy steps, you’ve created a tiny Christmas tree that’s sure to impress your guests!

And in case you need to see how this is done with square paper napkins as well, Party Delights has a great tutorial you can follow along with, too.

The final result will look a little something like this:

Party Delights

You can also feel free to embellish your trees any way you see fit. Add a little star sticker at the top, tie a bow around it or add a sprig of fresh pine across each one for an extra fancy place setting.

No matter what kind of napkin you’re using or how you decorate it, there’s no way folding it in this way won’t make it all the more festive for your very special holiday party.