This Hot Glue Gun For Cheese Is The Holiday Gift We All Need

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Do you have a cheese-lover on your holiday gift list? (Answer: Yes.) Then you need to get in on this amazing “hot glue gun” for cheese.

Called the “Fondoodler,” this innovative new kitchen tool takes cheese (any cheese your little heart desires) and warms it, turning it into ooey, gooey, squirty deliciousness.

The sky is the limit, from homemade cheesy tortilla bowls to jalapeno poppers.

And whether you want to use Kraft American or a fancy cheese spread for a party, the Fondoodler can do it all.

What a great idea! People love cheese… but no one likes sitting there and painstakingly cutting slice after a slice, especially when they are preparing a large party plate.

Plus, the texture of gooey cheese is just divine! Yet the idea of buying cheese in a spray can is a bit off-putting to most people. It might taste pretty good, but you are left wondering: What the heck is in this?

Well, with the Fondoodler your spray cheese anxiety will be no more. You can have that melty texture without having to question the quality of your queso.

Plus, the Fondoodler is just plain fun! Look at all the cool stuff you can do with this guy:

Yes that’s a Lincoln Log cabin made out of pretzel rods and squeeze cheese. Honest Abe himself would be pleased.

Or make a taco night more fun with a spray-your-own cheese nacho bar:

Or make a dream home out of cheese and crackers:

Or just add some to bread and make an awesome grilled cheese! The possibilities are endless. And since the Fondoodler is only $25, you can’t go wrong with this quirky and memorable gift over the holidays.

Now, if they just made one for chocolate too…


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