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Hate When Your Food Touches? This Is The Product For You

It's simple, but genius.

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A little girl named Ruby was just six-years-old when she came up with an idea that will solve a lot of problems for people with a common food issue. It’s called the Food Cubby and it is a rounded silicone device that keeps one food from touching another food on your plate.

Thanks to the simple, yet genius design, every food has its place, and you don’t have to worry about any overlapping or mixing. This is excellent for any kid or adult out there who, much like Ruby, “hates it when her salad dressing runs into her pasta sauce at dinner.”

Ruby’s parents say that she’s always loved to invent things, and one of her main goals is to appear on “Shark Tank” with one of her creations.

“We’re just always finding drawings of tree houses, of dream machines, of airplanes, of things that she wants to create,” Ruby’s mom explains in a video. “Every kid’s a dreamer and a creator, and Ruby’s no different in that way. We’re just trying to empower her and show her and her friends that the things they create can actually come to fruition and become real.”

In the video below, you can see Ruby explain how this product works. It’s so easy to use.

The Food Cubby immediately gained popularity, and is currently sold out on the Food Cubby website as well as on Amazon.

According to the website, Food Cubby should be back in stock by mid-October. You can sign up to ask to be notified once they’re available by emailing [email protected]


Ruby may not have made it to “Shark Tank” just yet, but as a 9-year-old, she did appear on Steve Harvey’s show “Funderdome” to present her product to the world.


Once they’re available again, one Food Cubby retails for $5.99 and a pack of four is $20.99.

Can’t wait until mid-October to end the food-touching issue once and for all? Go ahead and shop a similar product on Amazon.

This design isn’t quite the same as Ruby’s, but it will definitely divide plates up quite nicely.


The version from Select Wellness retails for $8.99 and can be placed in the center of your plate to create three distinct sections.


Unlike Ruby’s design, it’s not rounded, so it may not do quite as good of a job as containing items with liquids. But at least it will get you through until the Food Cubby is back in stock!