Pack Your Bags Because There’s A Food Festival For Hangry People Happening

Are you constantly hungry? If a little too much time goes between meals or snacking, do you become a little short-tempered and irritable? Don’t worry you are not alone. People all across the country suffer from being hangry but a few have gotten together to do something about it.

The Hangry Garden in Brooklyn, New York, is essentially an ongoing food festival for the perpetually hungry. Here you will find some of NYC’s greatest food vendors plus wine, beer, corn hole, shuffleboard and beer pong to, you know, pass the time until your hanger strikes again.

Of course there is delicious food being served throughout the day, making this a hangry person’s paradise.

Feel free to keep your four-legged friend in tow as this venue is dog friendly.

In case all this isn’t enough, Saturday and Sundays draw local vendors to this hangry oasis. On the weekend, Hangry Garden brings in local artists who craft home decor, jewelry, prints and ceramics. So you can shop while you work off your hanger.

For those who are interested in joining the party, the market is open Thursdays through Sundays until the end of October.

If you live too far to participate, then get a hangry market going in your own town. No doubt it is a perfect spot to curb your hanger and relax in some gorgeous fall weather.