Food Network is bringing back Alton Brown’s ‘Good Eats’


Big news for Alton Brown fans! His former hit show “Good Eats” is getting a reboot on the Food Network.

Brown made the announcement at Dragon Con this past weekend, revealing that the new show will be called “Return of the Eats” and that it will premiere in 2018. He also says it will stream online, so you can catch the show even if you cut your cable cord.

Here’s a video of the big announcement:

The announcement was met with excitement and cheers from the crowd. Brown said:

Premiering next year on Food Network and streaming online, will be a show called Return of the Eats. We’re bringing it back; we’re restarting it; we’re getting the band back together! It will be a television show in the half-hour category there on Food Network, but we’ll also be shooting additional scenes that will be injected into each show for streaming. So if you watch it online, you will see a better show.

Here’s a behind-the-scences production shot that Alton shared on Instagram:

In celebration of this awesome news, here are some of the best cooking secrets Brown has taught me:

1. Don’t Put Olive Oil In The Pasta Water

We make a LOT of pasta in my house. Boiling water for noodles sounds simple enough, but everyone has their own technique. For example, Brown taught me that you should NOT put olive oil in with the boiling water, as putting oil in the pasta water will make it harder for sauce to adhere to your noodles. However, if the boiling water is about to foam over, a few drops of olive oil will stop the intense bubbling and save you a mess.

2. Serve Eggs On A Warm Plate

I love eggs for breakfast, yet it always seems like my breakfast gets cold before I can finish eating it. (I’m a slow eater, and I have two kids.) Brown advises you to put your oven-safe plate in the oven to warm while you make your eggs. Then, remove the eggs from the pan JUST when they start to set. Then, put them on the warm plate and let them finish cooking off the stove. You will feel like you’re eating brunch at a five-star hotel.

3. Use A Potato Masher For Guacamole

Potato mashers aren’t just for taters! Brown says to use a potato masher in order to get avocados into just the right consistency for guacamole. Get his awesome guac recipe here.

4. Put Ice On Top Of Your Sangria

Sangria is the perfect fruity, sweet drink, but sometimes dealing with fruit in your face every time you take a sip can be annoying. That’s why Brown says to put the fruit on the bottom, then fill your cup with ice, and add the sangria last. The ice will keep the fruit from bobbing around and getting in the way whenever you take a drink.

So simple, but so genius. That’s Brown in a nutshell. No wonder so many fans are eager to see “Return of the Eats”!

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