This Food Theme Park Will Be Like Disney World For Food Lovers

There are plenty of theme parks for all sorts of adventure seekers, but how about those for whom food is the greatest adventure? Many theme parks have their signature food stands, but now there is a theme park that is entirely dedicated to food. Yep, this dream-come-true is happening: You can enjoy a 20-acre food and drink heaven if you travel to Bologna, Italy to visit FICO Eataly World.

The theme park will include all things food and drink, but you won’t find processed hot dogs, funnel cake or artificial candy apples here. Instead, FICO Eataly World will focus on what Italians do best: fresh farm-to-table cuisine. The park will include its own farms and livestock, will offer cooking workshops and organic markets and, of course, will have theme-based restaurants and food stalls for guests to enjoy food to their heart’s content.


The park isn’t open yet, but according to the website, it should open sometime in 2017. When it does, you’ll be able to do things like milk a cow—and then turn that milk into cheese—shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, make your own wine and brew your own beer, cure your own prosciutto, and more.

In keeping with their eco-friendly ethos, FICO Eataly World will also have 500 adult-sized, bright-colored tricycles equipped with shopping baskets for park-goers to get around. And, like all major theme parks, there will also be an accompanying Eataly hotel, a 200-room property that is set to open in 2018.


You won’t find the high-speed thrill rides of your typical theme park here, but if you’re a fan of Eataly (there are U.S. outposts in New York and Chicago, with more on the way in Boston and L.A.) and incredible food means pure excitement to you, it might be time to plan a trip to Italy.