17 Foods You Should Always Keep Refrigerated

I’m sure there are specific items that you do (or do not) refrigerate based on what your parents or grandparents advised whe you were young. Tomatoes, eggs, and butter are always a hot topic for debate.

We teamed up with some food safety experts to help shed some light on what you should be storing in the fridge.

1. Nuts

According to the University of California, nuts can, “retain quality for a year or more at refrigerator temperature.” If left out at room temperature, they will only last for a few months.

nuts photo
Photo by The Travelling Bum

2. Soy Sauce

Say what? Yes, soy sauce will retain it’s original flavor better if kept in the fridge after being opened.

soy sauce photo
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3. Ripe Bananas

Once the optimal ripeness, place your bananas in the fridge. This will keep them from over-ripening. The outer skin will brown, but the inside will be absolutely delicious.

bananas photo
Photo by keepon

4. Avocados

Once ripe, putting these green goods in the fridge will help keep them from over-ripening.

avocado photo
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5. Eggs

In other parts of the world, people can be found storing their eggs at room temperature. Why? They often forgo the egg washing process, which when au natural, can help preserve the egg’s contents. In the US, it’s best to store eggs in the fridge.

eggs photo
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6. Horseradish & Dijon Mustard

While the contents won’t spoil, French’s recommends keeping these condiments in the fridge so they don’t lose their distinct flavors.

horseradish mustard photo
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7. Organic Ketchup

Most don’t contain preservatives, so to keep bacteria from growing, keep in the fridge.

ketchup photo
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8. Organic Peanut Butter

Like organic ketchup, organic peanut butter is unprocessed and will spoil faster if it’s left out.

organic peanut butter photo
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9. Grapes

These little pops of flavor store best and will last longer when tucked away in the fridge.

grapes photo
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10. Wine

Specifically, wine that’s been opened. When you re-cork and put your unfinished bottle in the fridge, this will help it last longer, as the oxidation process is slowed in the fridge.

wine photo
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11. Wheat Germ

This power-food stays fresher, longer, when stored in the fridge.

Sprouted wheat germ in a bowl over rustic wooden background. Closeup, selective focus
Sprouted wheat germ in a bowl over rustic wooden background. Closeup, selective focus
Sprouted wheat germ in a bowl over rustic wooden background. Closeup, selective focus

12. Fruit

Specifically, apples, lemons, limes and oranges. They’ll last a lot longer when kept in the crisper. Don’t wash until you are about to eat.

lemons and limes photo
Photo by Growing a Green Family

13. Coffee

Coffee may taste fresher if refrigerated once opened. Make sure to seal the bag or package tightly.

ground coffee photo
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14. Butter

Butter can stay on the counter for about a week. But if you consume butter at a slower pace, we recommend putting it in the fridge.

butter stick photo
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15. Tomatoes

The Texas Agricultural Extension Service recommends to put tomatoes only in the fridge when ripe.

tomato and turnip photo
Photo by aurélien.

16. Turnips

Like tomatoes, The Texas Agricultural Extension Service recommends to put turnips only in the fridge when ripe.

turnips photo
Photo by John-Morgan

17. Tortillas (Corn & Flour)

While they can be stored at the grocer on a non-chilled shelf, once opened, it’s best to store leftovers in the fridge.

tortillas photo
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